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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Device Grading Scale?

Is there a minimum or maximum number of devices I can order at one time?

There is no Minimum or maximum number required for device purchases.

Do the devices come with any accessories?

All devices are sold as device only and no accessories such as charger or headphones are included.

Can I Add My Devices to my parts order?

Yes, It can be combined in the same shopping cart and shipped together. Upon shipping, you will receive a separate automated email with the IMEIs for your records.

How Long is your Return Policy?

Devices are covered under a 60 Day Return Policy. No Returns are accepted after 60 Days unless it is a Service Activation Issue.

Do you Charge a restocking Fee?

No, We do not charge any restocking fee for any device(s) however you get credited back today’s selling price and not your original purchase price.

Can I combine my parts return with my devices?

Yes, simply add them to your RMA Request.

You're sold out of some devices I need, How do I order it?

You should be able to press the button “Notify Me” to get a notification via email once the device is back in stock. Because of the varieties and combinations that come daily and get processed, there is no particular day however we replenish inventory daily.

Are any device iCloud Locked?

Each device goes through a 30 Point Software/Hardware testing to make sure that it is working perfectly fine which includes testing it for any iCloud related issues. None of the devices have iCloud issues.

Are all devices unlocked?

We have both carrier locked and unlocked devices available based on your needs.

How do I know when I purchased a device?

When a device is sold, the IMEI number will be emailed to you so you can track it back to the date of purchase.

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