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LCD Refurbishment

Refurbishing Program

We are proud to offer our Premium LCD Refurbishing Program. This service ensures original LCD and higher profit margins. It stabilizes your business against original LCD price fluctuations and inventory. Refurbish Fees

    • $18.00 – iPhone 5 Series
    • $35.00 – iPhone 6
    • $40.00 – iPhone 6 Plus
    • $55.00 – iPhone 6S

What We Need We accept original broken LCD screens that meet the following criteria:

    • Fully function digitizer
    • No defects on screen
    • No dark patches on screen
    • No flickering on screen
    • No lines on screen

We guarantee to refurbish 100% of your LCD screens that test well. If we break your LCD screen during the refurbishing process, we will replace it with a new LCD screen.

3-5 Business Day Turn Around Time

Please download and print here: Refurbishing Worksheet and enclose it with your package being sent in.

When we receive your broken screens, we will test each one thoroughly for defects and provide a detailed report via email within 2-4 business days. Once you confirm the report, simply pay the invoice and the refurbished LCD screens will be sent to you.

Refurbish Warranty

Effective May 10, 2016

Refurbished screens processed on May 10 or after, come with a 6 month warranty less any physical damage. Any replacements issued under warranty will be an even exchange.

Before May 10, 2016

Refurbished screens processed before May 10, come with a 30 day warranty less any physical damage. Any replacements issued under warranty will be like for like refurbished replacements.

Please contact your sales representative or email support@anbcomponents.com for further detail.