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Screen Recycle Program

We buy in all sizes, including bulk and will pay for shipping costs. AnB offers very competitive rates, with discounts for bulk orders. Recycling LCD is an eco-friendly solution in a growing market, and our program repairs and recycles LCD to emerging market, thereby reducing waste and conserving resources.

Please fill out the digital form at the bottom of this page and then print it out. Include the print out in your shipment of LCD screens you send to us at anb components.

These instructions cover how to pack your smartphone screens for shipment to the anb components Recycle Program

Here are instructions and pictures of an example of how we would like you to pack your LCD digitizers so you can send them in to anb components. In this example, we used a USPS Priority Mail 12 x 12 x 8 ½ Mailing Box along with 160 LCD Digitizers.

If you are going to ship more than 160 pieces, please use a dual-layer box with enough space to allow padding and cushion space. We want to give you credit for all your screens, so we want them all to get to us intact.

How to pack LCD screens

APlace LCD Screens Face to Face
Place LCD Screens Face to Face

Every pair of screens should be packages face to face in order to save space and protect the digitizer.

CStack in Sets of 10
Select Settings

Package 5 pair of screens together to make a bundle of 10. These screens should be set face to face and back to back in a set of 10 at most. Packing bundles of more than 10 increase risk of damage to the digitizer durning shipping.

ETape Together Batches of Screens
Tape Together Batches of Screens

Secure the bubble wrap with tape around each batch of screens, as the contents may shift or break during shipping.

GFill Box with Packing Peanuts
Fill Box with Packing Peanuts

Place the batches of screens toward the center of your shipping box. Take care to fill all surrounding space in-between batches with packing peanuts.

IAdd Second Layer of Screens
Add Second Layer of Screens

Add the second layer of screens on top of your padded envelop. Take care to fill all space between each batch of screens with packing peanuts.

KSecurely Tape Your Package Closed
Securely Tape Your Package Closed

Securely tape your package closed to prevent tampering or accidental opening durning transit. Make sure to label your package as fragile to ensure proper handling by your shipping provider.

BScreen Pairs Back to Back
Screen Pairs Back to Back

After screens are paired face to face, arrange each pair of screens back to back as shown.

DSecure in Bubble Wrap
Cover in Bubble Wrap

Secure each batch of 10 screens in bubble wrap or other soft, protective wrap to minimize the risk of damage durning shipping.

FLine Box with Peanuts
Line Box with Packing Peanuts

Line the bottom of your shipping box with packing peanuts or other soft packing material. You want to prevent damage to screens when your package is handled by the shipping provider.

HAdd Padding Between Layers
Add Padding Between Layers

Add a layer of padding between each layer of screens that you stack in your shipping box. We used a padded envelop to separate the bottom layer of screens from a top layer we are about to add. This does a great job of preventing shifting durning transit.

JTop Off Package with Packing Peanuts
Top Off Package with Packing Peanuts

Top off you package with packing peanuts to make sure all screens are safely packaged. The flaps of your box should push down the packing peanuts only enough to prevent shifting durning transit. Adding too much packing may actually damage screens.

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